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ZenVPN Review – Too Limited Free Plan and Run-of-the-mill Features

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ZenVPN is one of the easiest-to-use VPN services. It also has a very flexible pricing policy and a very limited but completely free plan.

The service is suitable for most tasks, including streaming Netflix, Hulu, and HBO services.

Like most good mid-range VPNs, ZenVPN is not as fast as ExpressVPN. It has servers in only the most popular countries (27), and lacks Kill Switch data leak protection.

ZenVPN main capabilities

ZenVPN's free plan is not limited in speed or country selection, but it is significantly limited in terms of traffic. You can spend up to 250MB per day, but no more than 500MB per month.

Are they serious?

Today, even those providers that allow up to 2GB of traffic per month have increased the limits to 10 GB. 500 MB is too little for the modern Internet, where up to 2MB of traffic is spent to open one page. And that's without video content. It's not difficult to calculate that ZenVPN's limit will run out too quickly.  

The good news is that paid plans are quite affordable if you don't need video content. In this case, ZenVPN is comparable to the cheapest VPNs. It’s explained by the fact that the provider has a unique lineup of discounted plans for limiting traffic to 5GB per day (compare 250MB for free and 5GB for a ridiculous $2.95 per week!). Read more about all tariffs below.

ZenVPN rates and prices  

ZenVPN is definitely one of the best VPN providers in the market because you can test the services and security for free. It also has the following packages that provide all the benefits this VPN service has to offer:

• Free trial

The free trial is great for testing ZenVPN services, but as I’ve said earlier, it is limited in traffic to 500 MB per month. Alternatively, you can try the free trial for desktop only, as they don't offer it for Mac or mobile platforms.

• Standard plans

o Weekly - You are billed $2.95 every seven days, and you can enjoy robust data transfer protection up to 5GB per day.

o Monthly - You are billed $5.95 every month and you can get 5GB of data per day. It is the most popular tariff among the standard ones.

o Annually - You have to pay a fairly small amount of $49.95 per year and transfer 5GB of data per day for the whole year. You also save 30% with this plan.

• Unlimited plans

o Weekly - For just $5.95 per week, you can transfer as much data as you like.

o Monthly - You are billed $9.95 per month and you can transfer as much data as you need every day.

o Annually - You pay only $95.50 once a year and get protection for any amount of data. You also save 20% on annual expenses.

When you subscribe to this SSL VPN service, you also receive a $19.95 gift that allows you to use the torrent download and streaming Fetchr service for the whole month.

ZenVPN functionality

With ZenVPN VPN software, you can take advantage of all the fantastic benefits you can expect from a reliable VPN service, such as:

o Easy Installation - The software is incredibly easy to install and configure with no additional setup required.

o High security - protect your online accounts and keep nosy people out of your privacy. With ZenVPN, you can again do whatever you want and remain completely anonymous, as no one can track your activity or see what you are viewing.

o Fast Internet - excellent connectivity and relatively high speed.

o No logs are kept - if no logs of your online activity are kept, no one can detect any violations against you, and no one can track what you do or which sites you visit. More information is on the website.

o Freedom of the Internet - You can access websites that are restricted in your area because you can connect to servers in different countries and use the Internet as if you are in that very place. For example, streaming movies from Netflix is ​​easy, even if the site is limited in your area.

Security and Privacy

This secure VPN software owes much of its security to the advanced VPN protocols like PPTP, IPSec, OpenSSL and OpenVPN that they use. By combining these security protocols, you get the best online security for all your activities. The secure network tunnel in which you are operating hides your IP address from the world and encrypts your online activities for the best possible security. (For more details you can check out their OpenVPN tutorial.)

Support service of ZenVPN

As a VPN client you can enjoy the best possible support from a professional support team, but you need to register with the website in order to have access to the support.

Client Account process

You can download the free trial for your desktop directly from the website, no questions asked and no registration required, but if you want to get a full membership you will have to apply online with your email address and buy the membership that you are interested in. Once the payment is done, the installation and setup process is incredibly easy and simple.


You can download ZenVPN for Windows and enjoy the best security for your desktop PC. The software is also available for Mac, Linux, Android and iOS but you will have to configure the connections manually to get your connection to work right.  Despite the manual configuration, the setup is still quite simple and user friendly.


ZenVPN is definitely a great choice for Windows users since the Windows setup is incredibly easy. The VPN is affordable and provides fantastic security and internet freedom to VPN clients. ZenVPN is also one of the few VPN who offer a great variety of membership plans that allows you to make payments when you like.

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