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Best VPNs to Use In Brazil: 10 Apps That Have Passed Tests

Social media is changing the way our society interacts and engages in conversation and dialogue. But Brazilians don’t always have the opportunity to communicate in this wise.

It made me take action and find the best VPN providers for Brazilian internet users. They serve to unblock restricted content as well as services and make netizens protected against third party monitoring.

Thus, read this article thoroughly and learn about:

Top 5 best VPNs for Brazil
  1. ExpressVPN: The leader of our rating provides high-speed servers in 94 countries worldwide, reliable ciphering mechanisms, and strict no-logs policy.
  2. Surfshark: Another worthy VPN app that guarantees that all services will be unblocked in Brazil and your ISP won’t know about your browsing history.
  3. NordVPN: The VPN with 5000+ servers around the world and outstanding feature of obfuscation (it guarantees websites unblocking).
  4. CyberGhost VPN: NoSpy servers and other advanced features let me add this VPN to the list of the best ones for Brazil.
  5. PIA: This provider offers a secure account and multiple VPN gateways to safeguard your online activity. It can be installed on any device.
Top 5 free VPNs for Brazil
  1. ProtonVPN: Its free plan has no restrictions on speed or traffic. However, you can connect to the servers in only 3 countries. You can upgrade your account anytime.
  2. Windscribe: Having chosen the free version of the app, you get access to the IPs in 10 countries (the US is on the list)
  3. TunnelBear: Free plan without restrictions of servers. But maximum of 1.5GB traffic is allowed.
  4. TurboVPN: A free plan of a paid VPN is on offer. You’ll get access to 8 servers without traffic restrictions.
  5. Hide.me: The free package of this VPN is restricted in traffic (10GB/mo), servers (5 locations), and some features.

Recommendation: If you are looking for a VPN to unblock restricted apps and websites in Brazil, I’d like to recommend the paid VPNs. Free VPN providers don’t have obfuscation feature, as a rule. As a result, your VPN connection will be blocked.

What can make you use a VPN in Brazil?

Brazil is a country seen by most people as free as far as access to the internet is concerned. However, there is the prohibition of the anonymity of journalists.

This means that internet providers and search engines are under pressure by the government to ensure that they monitor their customers’ online behavior. This is why you require accessing the best VPN services for Brazil that will ensure you access the internet freely and without looking over your shoulder.

The residents of Brazil suffer from blocking of some websites and online services. To be more specific, people living or visiting this hot country don’t have access to some social media platforms and applications.

Restrictions in Brazil

Social media websites and blogs undergo blacklisting in Brazil regularly. Some become inaccessible forever, others at regular intervals.

Thus, it is not always possible to browse a page of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or Vimeo.

Moreover, WhatsApp messenger was blocked several times by the authorities:

  • December 2015
  • May 2016
  • July of 2016

In view of constant apps’ blocking and websites’ filtering, it is recommended to use VPN services in Brazil to surf the Internet with minimal or no restrictions.

Anonymous web browsing in Brazil

According to the local jurisdiction, it is prohibited to conduct any activity anonymously. That is the reason why WhatsApp messenger was blocked several times. The thing is that WhatsApp communication is encrypted, which contradicts the laws of Brazil

What is even more surprising is that the Internet Service Providers in Brazil are obliged to provide the government with the IP data if it is required.

Though any resident of Brazil may be easily monitored, still there is a way to surf the Internet anonymously – Virtual Private Networks. With a good VPN set up, you can always change your IP and be convinced it's safe to surf the Internet.

Comparison of the main features of VPN services for Brazil

Service Ranking (out of 10) Stealth level
(out of 10)
Speed, Mbps Country selection Number of servers Price (monthly)
ExpressVPN 10 9 >100 94 3000+ $6.67-12.95
Surfshark 10 10 >50 63 1700+ $2.49-12.95
NordVPN 10 10 >60 59 5700+ $3.29-11.95
CyberGhost 9 9 40-70 90 6000+ $2.25-12.99
PIA 9 10 >50 45 3300+ $2.69-9.95

The best VPNs for Brazil and the leader of the rating

I’ve picked out 5 VPN applications that are the best to use in Brazil and be protected against the prying eyes. I’ve considered server network, functionality, speed and security tests, prices, and compatibility with different platforms when creating this rating.

Thus, ExpressVPN has shown the best VPNs leaving behind the well-known NordVPN, cheap and reliable Surfshark as well as PIA and CyberGhost.


Main advantages

  • 160 locations
  • In-built kill switch
  • Checked no-logs policy
  • Support of any platform



During my tests in Brazil, the ExpressVPN app on both my laptop and iPhone worked without any troubles. The speed was fast even when connecting to the faraway servers (by 25% slower). No leaks were observed, whereas I could easily stream any services I wanted.


The table lists the ExpressVPN plans and prices

  1 month 6 months 1 year
Price (monthly) $12.95 $9.99 $6.67
Money-back guarantee (days) 30 30 30


  • A nice choice for Brazil with apps for all popular platforms
  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • Encrypted DNS on every server for your security
  • 5 simultaneous connections per account


ExpressVPN Preview
Fast speed servers and reliable protection by ExpressVPN


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Main advantages

  • Low prices
  • Fast speeds
  • Servers in 63 countries
  • The BVI jurisdiction



This VPN app impresses not only with its price but also with its functions. Outstanding CleanWeb feature to prevent malware to attack your device. Besides, Surfshark is good enough to unblock US Netflix in Brazil.


The table lists the Surfshark plans and prices

  1 month 6 months 2 years
Price (monthly) $12.95 $6.49 $2.49
Money-back guarantee 30 30 30


  • Unlimited server switch and robust encryption
  • No ISP tracking
  • No limits for simultaneous connections


Surfshark Preview
Save 81% on your Surfshark subscription


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Main advantages

  • 72% discount
  • P2P servers
  • 5100+ servers
  • 6 simultaneous connections



This provider has made everything to introduce the best functions of a VPN. Thus, having subscribed to NordVPN, you’ll get access to double VPN, obfuscation, CyberSec, and Onion over VPN.


The table lists the NordVPN plans and prices

  1 month 1 year 3 years
Price (monthly) $11.95 $4.92 $3.29
(2022 Winter promotion)
Money-back guarantee 30 30 30

Payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency, and others.


  • A perfect provider with IKEv2/IPsec protocol and AES-256-GCM ciphering
  • Ultra-fast connection to unblock and stream Kodi without buffering
  • Your connection and data will be protected round-the-clock thanks to kill switch


NordVPN Preview
Protect your data 24/7 with NordVPN app


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CyberGhost VPN

Main advantages

  • 15 years in the market
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • 6500+ servers
  • 24-hour free trial



CyberGhost performs perfect functions of both IP masking and restrictions bypassing. Thanks to its special servers for streaming and torrenting, you’ll get what you want.


The table lists the CyberGhost VPN plans and prices

  1 month 1 year 2 years 3 years
Price (monthly) $12.99 $3.99 $3.49 $2.25
Money-back guarantee 45 45 45 45

There’s an option to add a dedicated IP. Its monthly cost is $5 (for 1 IP).

Payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards, and Cryptocurrency.


  • A great service offering a 45-day money-back guarantee and fast connections
  • Easy unblocking of streaming services
  • Anonymity on the Internet is guaranteed

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Main advantages

  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • Affordable prices
  • Servers in 48 countries
  • Easy app



The VPN offers unique functions to safeguard its subscribers on the Internet. Apart from the kill switch, it offers the functions of split tunneling, port forwarding, and DHCP. Besides, it’s possible to switch between protocols.


The table lists the PIA plans and prices

  1 month 1 year 2 years
Price (monthly) $9.95 $3.33 $2.69
Money-back guarantee 7 7 7

Payment options: PayPal, Credit Cards, and Bitcoin.


  • An amazing provider that supports 10 multi-logins and a 7-day money-back guarantee
  • It’s possible to fine-tune the VPN connection on your device
  • User-friendly application for all devices, extension for browsers

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Free VPNs

Free VPN providers are a good solution if you can’t pay for a VPN subscription at the moment. Some of them are available as a free plan of a paid VPN. Others are free at all.

In this rating, I’ve mentioned free VPNs that work in Brazil. But I should point out that free VPNs can’t be compared with the paid VPN services because they offer different functionality.

ProtonVPN logoFree ProtonVPN

There are 2 variants to use ProtonVPN free of charge. First, it’s possible to do it for 7 days thanks to its trial version. In this case, you get access to all the benefits of the ProtonVPN premium plan.

Second, you can subscribe to a free plan (3 locations).

Windscribe logoFree Windscribe

The provider offers to use the app without paying for it for as long as you wish. However, the monthly traffic is limited to 10GB. You’ll have to be prepared for it.

Nevertheless, I’d like to notice that the speed was average.

TunnelBear logoFree TunnelBear

This service is also available free of charge because of its free plan.  It has serious restrictions – a traffic limit of 500MB to 1500MB.

As for the servers, they all are available.

Free Turbo VPNFree Turbo VPN

Its free plan is available only for the devices running on Android. As for the limits, you’ll get access to the servers in 7 countries out of 18 available. Also, you’ll have to watch ads.

hide.me logoFree Hide.me

Another VPN with a free plan without time limits. However, there are other limits you’ll dislike: servers in only 3 countries are available, traffic monthly limit is 2GB.

Of course, it’s not enough for downloading torrents or streaming HD videos.


Can I play online games that are unavailable in Brazil?

Yes, you can. However, you’ll have to pre-register on the account in another country (where the game is available). Don’t forget to connect to the same country (and server) when playing this game. It’ll help you prevent possible troubles with access.

Do I need a VPN for Brazil?

Perhaps, you do!

Otherwise, you would not be given an opportunity to…

… browse the Internet anonymously

VPN services will easily encrypt all your traffic including IP address, web history, and transferred data.

… use apps blocked for Brazil

WhatsApp, Telegram, or any other app and website will be available for you in Brazil after you change your IP address into a VPN server’s IP.

… get access to the US Netflix library

Unblock Netflix originals and get access to the full library of Netflix. All you need is to change your IP into an American one.

Does a VPN unblock Brazilian TV channels outside the country?

To unblock local TV channels abroad, you’ll have to subscribe to a good VPN that has servers in Brazil. Just connect to the Brazilian IP and access any local TV channel or website.

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