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Threat actors impersonate Elon Musk to steal credentials

Crooks pretending to be Elon Musk are sending phishing emails in an attempt to steal personal information.

Scams spoofing tech magnate Elon Musk are common, given he has over 120 million followers on Twitter alone.

This time, we stumbled upon a phishing email seemingly designed to steal victims’ personal information.

“Congratulations, your email address has been randomly selected, and you have won €4,124,270.00. This only applies to 5 lucky people. We pass this donation on to those in need and also help individuals to invest in businesses,” the email reads.

Scam email

It is designed to target German-speaking victims since the email is drafted in German.

Crooks ask victims’ to reply “with your personal email” to confirm the prize. It is signed as “Elon Musk und das Team” (Elon Musk and the team.)

Interestingly, the email address seems to belong to an employee of the Municipality of Luján, Argentina. However, if a victim were to reply to the malicious email, it would be sent to a Hotmail address.

The email does not contain any malicious links. However, as is typical with similar emails, threat actors hope victims’ would swallow the hook, contact the crooks and give them as much personal information as is allegedly required to claim the prize.

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