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Arqit and Dell team up to sell devices with quantum encryption

Arqit partnered with Dell in the hopes of securing US government contracts.

Arqit, a quantum-safe encryption solutions provider, partnered with Dell to include Arqit‘s cloud-based QuantumCloud software on selected Dell devices.

According to the company, its target market is the US Federal Government. Arqit hopes the partnership will increase device security to the satisfaction of the Department of Defense (DoD), the Federal Civilian Agencies, and the Intelligence Community.

According to Arqit Founder, Chairman, and CEO David Williams, US government employees will be offered secure devices, resilient to various threats.

“America’s service men and women need to be assured of the benefits of stronger, simpler encryption to protect them against threats now and in future,” Williams said.

Arqit sells a quantum encryption platform-as-a-service that secures communication links. The company boasts its software agent has fewer than 200 lines of code yet creates encryption keys with any other device.

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