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Twitter leaked 18 Million users accounts credentials to DarkNet


The irreparable happened − the 18 million lines of Twitter users' data were leaked to the network!

Hacked user data quickly spread across the DarkNet and can now be used to blackmail or extort money.

The CoolTechZone team promptly reacted to the incident and sorted out the details of the leak.

So, what happened this night?

Leaked details

Today, an anonymous dark forum user posted a database of 18 million lines of personal information from Twitter users.

Hacker's post on the DakrNet forum

The anonymous author didn't provide any details of the leak and set a price for the database.

Anyone can download the leaked database − which is many times more dangerous because this data will quickly spread across the Internet.

After gaining access to the database, anyone can steal a Twitter account and use it for their purposes, for example:

  • extortion of money
  • blackmail
  • distribution of malicious files
  • spam
  • phishing

We analyzed the leaked database and found out which user data was at risk.

What data has been hacked?

After analyzing the file, we found out that the database contains information about the login and password of the Twitter account. Email is often used as a login, so the attackers put this data on public display.

Hacked user data

Now, notice how unreliable and simple most user passwords are. It is mainly the reason why these people are in the list.

Hacked user data

Under no circumstances should such weak passwords be used! It's a glaring mistake, for which you can pay at best with lost access to your account, at worst − with lost money and nerves.

Read our recommendations below to keep your social media accounts safe from hacking.

Personal data protection measures

Often, attackers don't even need to use sophisticated password cracking mechanisms − most of them can be brute-force cracked in a matter of several minutes.

Important: The most significant mistake social media users make is coming up with weak passwords!

How to protect your Twitter account from hacking? Come up with a strong password!

So, under no circumstances use as a password:

  • date of birth (your own or close relatives, friends)
  • address
  • email
  • phone number
  • the name of your school, university, or job
  • names of pets

I also don't recommend posting on Twitter (as well as on other social networks) the details of your personal life, namely:

  • an actual place of residence
  • photos of your house (inside and outside)
  • information about your place of work
  • information about bank accounts

Hackers know social engineering techniques, so they can only learn a lot about you from what you tweet. Don't give cybercriminals a chance to hack you − think about your safety today.

Stay safe!


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